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About Artmotion search engine:
 Artmotion Search engine is not a simple directory. Our search engine is a spider, (crawler), are used by Internet to collect information about art web sites and individual web pages. Artmotion S.E need information from all the sites and pages; otherwise they wouldn’t know what pages to display in response to a search query or with what priority.
Artmotion S.E crawl through the Internet and create queues of Web sites to investigate further. As a specific Web site gets covered by search engine, the spider reads through all the text, hyperlinks, meta tags (meta tags are specifically formatted key words inserted into the Web page in a way designed for the spider to find and use) and code. Using this information, the spider provides a profile to the search engine. The Artmotion spider then gathers additional information by following the hyperlinks on the Web page, which gives it a better collection of data about those pages. This is the reason that having links on your Web page – and, even better, other Web pages linking to yours -- is so useful in getting your Web site found by the search engines.
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For all that you have read above, if you want to help Artmotion you can put a back link to us from your website.

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Submit New website: RULES

Please read carefully all rules before submitting. By clicking on the submit button above, you agree to the following rules:
  1. Your website must be online the time of submission and thereafter. In case your site goes offline it will be removed without further notification.
  2. Your website must have content about Art or artists.
  3. Your site's content must always reflect your submission title and description. In case your site content changes in a manner that does not agree with the submission description it will be removed without notice.
  4. Your site cannot contain any political, religion or other kind of propaganda. It will not be accepted.
  5. Websites that are under construction will NOT be accepted.
  6. You must submit your website to the correct category. Our review team has the right to decline or pick another category that is most appropriate for your website
  7. Your website must have some content. Websites containing only advertising banners and/or no content at all will not be accepted


Submit your website for free! Submission is permanent as long as the website conforms to the rules.

If websites where will submit contain a link back to ArtMotion inside a page of the website to be submitted we finish the submission in next 4-6 days.




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